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The Crisis of Credit

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

A very cool visualisation of how the current global credit crisis began and caused the avalanche that it did. The video, created by Jonathan Jarvis, uses animated graphics to explain the mind-boggling financial terms and the complex workings of investing banking in simple, digestible form.

Visit: Credit of Crisis

Simple and Beautiful
Pre-CNY Paintball 09 Video
Paintball 08 – Video Montage
I Made My Mom Do The Mambo
Whopper Virgins

Interesting Ad campaign in the form of a documentary done by Burger King. They went around the world, to places where the people are not exposed to advertising, taste testing the Whopper and the Big Mac. The results, to me at least, is not surprising – Burger King’s Whopper!

Going Boat Crazy
When The Stars Go Blue

I love The Corrs since my Secondary school days. Their album: Talk On Corners was the very first CD that I actually bought. 10 years today, they still look gorgeous, especially Andrea!

Anyway the other day I was on iTunes store looking for new music and I happened to stumble upon this song: When the Stars Go Blue. What caught my attention was that it is a song sang by The Corrs and U2’s Bono. The 30 seconds preview was what I needed to declare it My Current Favourite Song and My Current Most Played Song!

Did a little research on the song and found out that it’s orignally by Ryan Adams and it has been sang by many other artises including Tim McGraw. Among them, I still like the Corrs + Bono version best. Below is a clip of the song performed by The Corrs and Bono at Live 8. Enjoy the lovely clip!

Youtube link.

The Fa La La Song

The Fa La La Song by local band EIC

Love this song :)

Youtube link.

Christian The Lion

Touching story of two men and a lion.

Youtube link

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