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Save Our Climate

Here’s WWF Canada’s recent Save Our Climate campaign. Besides being very well-made ads, I feel that they are thought provoking and really get the message across. The concept is based on what our world, our country, our city, our neighbourhood, our home and lifestyle would be like if we do not act now to save our climate.

The creative minds behind this campaign are the people from Draft FCB.

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Why People Buy

I’ve been asked lots of time:

  • Why get an iPod when you can get many other alternatives with much more functions?
  • Why are you using a Sony Ericsson phone with so much less functions?
  • Why must you wear an Oakley specs? Any other ordinary specs will serve the purpose too
  • Why do you get crazy over Apple products?

My simple answer to all those is: I buy what I want from a product, and not what the product has.

Simply put, I want a product that does not have a boatload of functions (some of them I might not even use often), good design, a superb user-interface that would give me optimum user experience, good build quality and the status (yes) that comes with it.

If you don’t want any of those, go get a Creative product, for example.

I have an iPod. It has must less functions than its closest competitors. But I love it. Why? Simply because it’s gorgeous, easy to use and I feel good carrying it around.

Why did I choose Apple’s iPod over Microsoft’s Zune? 2 reasons:

  1. iPod has way much better user-interface.
  2. Zune is ugly.

Why I’m using a Sony Ericsson phone instead of the everyone-has-it Nokia phone? 3 reasons:

  1. Superior build quality.
  2. Superior user-interface.
  3. Nokia phones are ugly.

Yesterday was iDay, the launch of Apple’s latest product: iPhone. Yes it is not 3G, does not do MS Office Apps editing, no FM radio, no GPS, locked mechanism, no 3rd party softwares. But heck, take out a Nokia N95 (the most feature-stuffed mobile device money can buy now) and an iPhone. 5 mins later, the person with the nokia will probably playing around with the GPS himself, while you have just made a new friend.

I’ve held and tested the N95 before. It felt like a brick.

The bottom line is that, technology is so advanced now and is advancing constantly that we can get products that are overloaded with features and functions.

We need to sieve out the quality ones.

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dreamUnusually, I had quite a number of nice dreams in December (2006). They were as real as they get. How I wished they were true.

But they often say dream and reality are opposite of each other.

Is it true?


At the crossroad, two ways, need some directions…
We, Humans

We, Humans;
We do what is best for us;
Every man fights for his own interests;
We, Humans, have desires and needs;
We do different things to fulfill our different wants and basics;
Honesty only goes as far as being spoken;
Trustworthiness is just but skin deep;
We are often blinded by our pursue of fulfillment;
We, Humans.

Not very poetic, but you get the idea..

On another note, I’ve been watching Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, now showing on Discovery Travel Channel. It’s a great show in my opinion. On top of that, like me, he HATES karaoke.

Anyway, it’s different from the usual where a celebrity chef travels the world and savor delicacies. This show focuses more on the close relationship between food and the indigenous culture, it shows the, like linny always says, “un-glam” side of food culture.

There’s this episode on Beirut, Lebanon. In the midst of filming, the crew got caught in the conflict between Israel and Lebanon. War it might be, but interestingly, the younger generations were so used to the bombings and couldn’t care less.. They continued to party all night long while the bombs were falling and people dying. At the same time, the crew moved to a safe-house, a hotel, about 2km from the front-lines. There, people sun-tan, drink, eat and had a good view of the battle from the roof-top swimming pool.

Fav quote (from the Peru episode): …the more he travels, the less he knows… the more that I became aware of, the more I realised how relatively little I know of it…

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Random thoughts

From BBC News
An Indian National Security guard smashes a flaming earthenware pot with his bare hands in a display of martial arts skill. – No link with the rest of the post, but I think it’s a nice photo :)

A hectic week has come and gone. More to come. Yay haha. I don’t know what’s going on, but somehow, lately, I’ve been starting to feel empty. Ya I know it may sound cliche, but.. yeah. Been pondering what’s the cause, anyone care to fill me in?

Maybe I’m just thinking too much? Maybe..

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a replacement for my current pair of Oakley. It’s served me well for 4 years, and it’s time to grant him an honourable decommissioning.

After narrowing down to 2 models, I’ve decided to go with the Oakley. The Tag Heuer is way out of my means. And so, went down to our fav Oakley shop with my Bro to test wear it. The Soft Tail’s really nice, and I look good with it, but too bad it’s made of plastic (or O-Matter as Oakley calls it). Kinda flimsy. Then the friendly salesgirl offered me the Jack Knife 4.0. INSTANT high! Love it! But I’ll still need some consideration, price’s a little steep. My little bro still deciding which to get.

What am I missing? hmm…

Anthony Bourdain Hates It Too

If you’ve got a chance, watch Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Season 2 Episode 9 – Korea; now showing on Discovery Channel’s Travel Channel. (No cable? Here’s the torrent link.)

In it, he proudly confesses that he HATES karaoke. He detest it. His version of hell. He would rather be killed. He would rather go to a poo-house than to be involved in the humiliating practice.

I HEAR YOU ANTHONY! COULDN’T AGREE WITH YOU MORE! In my opinion, it’s the worst social event ever concieved…

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Dislike RED

red (RED) was created by Bono and Bobby Shriver, Chairman of DATA to raise awareness and money for The Global Fund by teaming up with the world’s most iconic brands to produce (PRODUCT)RED branded products. A percentage of each (PRODUCT)RED product sold is given to The Global Fund. The money helps women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. Apple is the latest company to contribute to the catelogue with the introduction of the (PRODUCT)RED iPod Nano.

I applaud the efforts of people like Bono and his team in helping the poor and the sick. It certainly also helped raised the awareness that while we are enjoying our life in comfort, there are many out there who are not as fortunate as us. And the program has produced good results so far

However, I believe that there are much better ways of doing it. I mean, this whole (RED) initiative is too darn commercialised. Every single item under the (PRODUCT)RED catelogue is no ordinary brand. They are global brands, worth millions of dollars. They claimed that a percentage of each (PRODUCT)RED sold will be donated to the needy. But come on.. how much? 50%? There ain’t no free lunch. I’m sure that the company that make those products will profit from the sales. Who knows if they make much more than they actually give to Charity? Out of the US$199 Apple gets for the iPod nano, only US$10 is given away, that’s only 5% of the revenue on each iPod nano.

My point is that, no doubt that the needy would benefit from such programmes, but ultimately, it’s the merchants who benefit most.

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People Around You

A lot of things happened to me recently. And those things made me realised that (or affirmed) the fact:

It’s the people around you that matters most

People around you decides or greatly influences the success of what one does. All we need is one bad worm to spoil the whole show. Successful people like Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have hordes of brilliant people around them, to help them achieve their goals. You need people with drive, with responsibility, people who are willing to find solutions to their problems and not push them aside (or to someone else). Therefore, we have to weed out those who will stand in your way. Like what Donald Trump always do, “You’re fired

People around you either make or break your day. When you are feeling like shit one day, having a nice chat with someone, or just spending time with him/her makes you feel a whole lot better. It’s not because he/she can solve your woes, but you find comfort around that person. So sometimes I feel very lucky to have met my group of good friends.

That brings me to another point:

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer

Friends here is defined a people who will be there in times of need. They are the one who may get you out of trouble one day.

Why keep your enemies closer? So that you can watch their every move, keep them under control, remove their element of surprise, enabling you to strike before he/she does.

What a cruel world I live in…