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Apple iPhone 3GS

The new iPhone 3GS announced at WWDC 2009.

Credits: Apple.com

iPhone 4G – Me Want

Source: Gizmodo

Journey to 2.1

Pwn iPhone with Quickpwn 2.1 (Windows). [Guide]
After getting into DFU mode, everything is pretty much automated from here on.

Custom firmware is being downloaded.

Pwnage tool executing its magic

Bootneuter unlocking the phone.

iPhone 2.1 goodness!

iPhone and its Singapore Link

I was reading an article about how today’s china is reprising her role of copying branded luxury consumer products – Copying the latest in technology, from cars to mobile phones (iPhones).

Some where in the article, it was mentioned that the all-important touch screen on the iPhone was actually a Chinese technology. And so I did some further investigations and came up with some more interesting facts!

What made iPhone so awesome is primarily due to its multi-touch interface. And the hardware that made that possible, among is many other components was the touch sensitive screen. Apple had contracted a German company called Balda AG, which is famous for making wireless-phone components for companies such as Nokia, to make the touch screens for the iPhone. Balda did not have the technology to make touch sensitive screens until it acquired a Chinese company called TPK Holding. It was TPK Holding which had developed the innovative glass-surfaced touch screen.

So where’s the Singapore link? Well…As of July 14, 2006, TPK Holdings Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Balda Investments Singapore Pte Ltd.

There you have it!

Back to the topic of China cloning technologies, I’m not all against them copying. All technologically developed nations like USA, Japan, South Korea copied from some where at some point in time. It’s part of the “learning” process.

In fact i think China has the capabilities to come out with inventions that would change the world. Case in point: The Chinese invented the wheel, paper and gun powder. Just imagine the world without the above 3 items.

Sources: China’s iClone, Apple’s Magic Touch Screen, Apple in touch with China

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Watch your videos anywhere

One of the many cool things you can do with the iPhone:

Record your favourite TV shows using EyeTV, and watch them anywhere as long as you have internet connection!

TV on the iPhone

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So Close, Yet So Far

Today I was about 5 feet away from the iPhone. 5 feet! But I didn’t had the chance to touch it. It belonged to one of the managers at my workplace.

And so I could only admire it from 5 feet away. It’s a real beauty. Thinner than I imagined it would be. Sexier than I imagined it would be..


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iPhone needs iLife

Snapped this piece from July 16th issue of Newsweek magazine.

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iPhone wannabes

This is another testament to Apple‘s unparalleled ability of coming up with innovative products. So much so that other (major) companies see it a threat that they have to come with something to match it, or use it as their “design” mold for their “new” products.

Since the announcement of the iPhone, there had been numerous attempts by many manufacturers of mobile communication devices to come out with phones that have functionalities that mimic that of the iPhone.

Below is a list of 3 of them:

LG Prada – This is one of the better of the lot. Credits for the stylish design. The interface is kinda intuitive but somewhat unresponsive.


HTC Touch – Basically a Windows Mobile 6 device with a souped up theme. They even tried to copy some of the transitions of Mac OS X – with very little success of course. Navigation is well, what you would expect of a Windows based machine.


Worst of the lot – Total rip-off. Similar to HTC Touch, it runs on Windows Mobile 6; with an iPhone theme. They have 1 Billion + people, can’t they think of something good?! Heck they even copied the logo.


iPhone Ringtones

I love the iPhone, and these ring tones just made me love it a lot more!

Original(MacWorld 2007) iPhone ringtone – This is the one debuted by Steve Jobs.

Remixed iPhone ringtone by Chris Baker – I like this the most! It’s my default ring tone now.

Classical/Musical iPhone ringtone by Craig Reynolds – Stressed? Tune to this one and relax…

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The killer App is not Voice nor Music

In an open letter to Apple Inc., Tomi T Ahonen highlighted that the killer app on the iPhone, voice calls, that Steve Jobs have been touting at Macworld 2007, is not really the killer app. Instead, SMS-text messaging is.

Here’s an excerpt:

There is only one killer application in current (2.5G/3G) mobile phones. It is not voice calls. It is not music. It is not the camera function. The only killer app is SMS text messaging. Ever since Nokia first released its global messaging survey in 2001, to operator studies from the UK and France in 2002, to customer surveys in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in 2003, onto South Korea and Japan; to the university study of phone addiction by the Catholic University of Leuwen in Belgium; and even now proven by the first American survey of SMS usage by ComScore Media Metrix – every scientific survey on the topic verifies that SMS text messaging is addictive. And that heavy users of SMS prefer text messaging to voice calls. Already more than half of British total population prefer communicating via SMS than voice on their mobile phones.

According to him, the fact that iPhone has no physical keypad, would actually put many people off. I sort of agree with him. Read the article and decide for yourselves, quite an insightful read.

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