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Let Yourself Free
Singapore’s National Identity: Food

Interesting commentary from the Today newspaper:

“That’s because we Singaporeans get our identity from food, not buildings,” my friend replied. “You can raze our monuments, cut down our trees and we won’t say a thing, but move our favourite loh mee place three stalls away from its usual location and we will turn it into a national issue and make TV shows about it.”

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25th Birthday @ Wala Wala

Crazy awesome party.

I Want Nobody Nobody But You

We guys look like dorks as compared to the girls.

Goodbye iShop

It was fun while it lasted :) Some photos taken during my time at iShop.

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Four Years
Blinded by Religion

Religion is good, just don’t get blinded like this guy.

Credits: Christoph Niemann

So Cool It Makes You Want To Smoke
Solar Eclipse on January 26 2009
Happy 2009

Photo credits: Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Earth From Above

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