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Apple WWDC10

The annual keynote event of Apple Inc.

Live coverage:

The Apple iPad

Steve Jobs announced the iPad today. First impressions for me are pretty okay. Don’t really like the thick bezel, though the purpose for it is for you to rest our fingers on and not blocking the screen. Well, I have until April before it arrives in Singapore; there’s still time to research and decide.

New Apple iMac

21.5” and 27” displays.

The new multi-touch Magic Mouse

27-inch display, Intel i5 Quad Core, 4GB memory, ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics with 512MB and Magic Mouse.

Simply gorgeous.

Visit: The New iMac


Backpack is an adjustable shelf for the Mac. It is designed to attach to the back of iMac and Apple Cinema Displays. It is clips onto the back of new iMac and Apple Cinema Displays to create an instant shelf for holding hard drives, USB peripherals.


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Jonathan Paul Ive

Love or hate the company that brought us the iPod and the iPhone, there is no doubt that Apple has revolutionized the way consumer products are designed and manufactured. And you may begin to wonder why are there so much junk products in the market right now.

Just look around the next time you visit a electronics shop, you will realize that many products spot Apple’s design cues. And the man behind the design magic is none other than Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design, Jonathan Paul Ive CBE (casually called Jony Ive).

During Apple’s lowest point, the visually stunning iMac G3 was the product that brought Apple back to the center stage again. And from that point on, there was no stopping Jonathan and the Apple Design team. From the iBook to the PowerBook, all Appleā€™s products were met with universal acclaim and became instant masterpieces of product design, spawning countless imitations.

Many of the products Jonathan has created at Apple are directly influenced by natural objects, such as the sunflower-inspired iMac G4 and the Pro Mouse which was inspired by a droplet of water. Indeed an organic influence can be felt in all Apple products. It is what makes them friendly, understandable and tactile.

His design philosophy of less is more, combining form, function and beauty has been the inspiration and reference for many of my design related work, be it websites or application user interface.

He’s literally my idol (YES I AM A GEEK). So I decided to put together some of his works in photos and videos. So enjoy and be inspired!
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Journey to 2.1

Pwn iPhone with Quickpwn 2.1 (Windows). [Guide]
After getting into DFU mode, everything is pretty much automated from here on.

Custom firmware is being downloaded.

Pwnage tool executing its magic

Bootneuter unlocking the phone.

iPhone 2.1 goodness!

iPhone and its Singapore Link

I was reading an article about how today’s china is reprising her role of copying branded luxury consumer products – Copying the latest in technology, from cars to mobile phones (iPhones).

Some where in the article, it was mentioned that the all-important touch screen on the iPhone was actually a Chinese technology. And so I did some further investigations and came up with some more interesting facts!

What made iPhone so awesome is primarily due to its multi-touch interface. And the hardware that made that possible, among is many other components was the touch sensitive screen. Apple had contracted a German company called Balda AG, which is famous for making wireless-phone components for companies such as Nokia, to make the touch screens for the iPhone. Balda did not have the technology to make touch sensitive screens until it acquired a Chinese company called TPK Holding. It was TPK Holding which had developed the innovative glass-surfaced touch screen.

So where’s the Singapore link? Well…As of July 14, 2006, TPK Holdings Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Balda Investments Singapore Pte Ltd.

There you have it!

Back to the topic of China cloning technologies, I’m not all against them copying. All technologically developed nations like USA, Japan, South Korea copied from some where at some point in time. It’s part of the “learning” process.

In fact i think China has the capabilities to come out with inventions that would change the world. Case in point: The Chinese invented the wheel, paper and gun powder. Just imagine the world without the above 3 items.

Sources: China’s iClone, Apple’s Magic Touch Screen, Apple in touch with China

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Watch your videos anywhere

One of the many cool things you can do with the iPhone:

Record your favourite TV shows using EyeTV, and watch them anywhere as long as you have internet connection!

TV on the iPhone

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Apple new iMac

[flashvideo filename=”/stream/apple_solar.flv” width=”480″ height=”272″ image=”/stream/preview/apple_solar.jpg” /]

Thing of Beauty

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So Close, Yet So Far

Today I was about 5 feet away from the iPhone. 5 feet! But I didn’t had the chance to touch it. It belonged to one of the managers at my workplace.

And so I could only admire it from 5 feet away. It’s a real beauty. Thinner than I imagined it would be. Sexier than I imagined it would be..


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