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Ferrari F1

The greatest ad ever. Turn up your speakers and indulge in the beautiful engine notes.
Credits: Partizan

Beautiful Hands

Commercial for the Volkswagen Phaeton.

Some Cool Ads

Let us take a break from the iPhone, and check these cool ads.

Samsung Blackjack

The iPhone still looks way much better :)

Sony Bravia – Beautiful!


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Bonded by Blood

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The brief was simple: adidas asked for a promotional idea that would reflect the powerful bond between the All Blacks team in New Zealand and their fans. The solution was a world first. TBWA\Whybin developed a limited-edition poster that not only featured the players’ pictures, but their actual DNA. Each player donated a small amount of blood, had it thoroughly sterilized and then embedded into the paper during the printing process. The poster, suitably named “Bonded by Blood,” was available only to those fans who bought an All Blacks jersey. If rugby is a blood sport, the posters proved its ultimate celebration.

Case profile.

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