Jonathan Paul Ive

Love or hate the company that brought us the iPod and the iPhone, there is no doubt that Apple has revolutionized the way consumer products are designed and manufactured. And you may begin to wonder why are there so much junk products in the market right now.

Just look around the next time you visit a electronics shop, you will realize that many products spot Apple’s design cues. And the man behind the design magic is none other than Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design, Jonathan Paul Ive CBE (casually called Jony Ive).

During Apple’s lowest point, the visually stunning iMac G3 was the product that brought Apple back to the center stage again. And from that point on, there was no stopping Jonathan and the Apple Design team. From the iBook to the PowerBook, all Appleā€™s products were met with universal acclaim and became instant masterpieces of product design, spawning countless imitations.

Many of the products Jonathan has created at Apple are directly influenced by natural objects, such as the sunflower-inspired iMac G4 and the Pro Mouse which was inspired by a droplet of water. Indeed an organic influence can be felt in all Apple products. It is what makes them friendly, understandable and tactile.

His design philosophy of less is more, combining form, function and beauty has been the inspiration and reference for many of my design related work, be it websites or application user interface.

He’s literally my idol (YES I AM A GEEK). So I decided to put together some of his works in photos and videos. So enjoy and be inspired!

iPod – First Generation

The music player that started it all. The player that redefined how an MP3 player should work and look. For many, this is the product that introduced them to Apple.

iMac G4

The iMac G4 was a computer that was produced by Apple from the beginning of 2002 to mid 2004. It’s design was inspired by sunflowers. During that time, the futuristic form factor was unlike anybody had seen before.

iMac G5

iPhone – First Generation

The phone that revolutionized the entire mobile phone industry. It is the first product that brought true multi-touch technology to the consumer market. It is also the phone that spun-off countless imitations and literally forcing other major mobile phone manufacturers to imitate its ease of use, gorgeous user interface and functionality.

Macbook – Aluminium (Unibody)

Instead of muliple parts, the bottom half of the new Macbook is fabricated from a single block of aluminium. Find out more about the Unibody design.

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