iPhone and its Singapore Link

I was reading an article about how today’s china is reprising her role of copying branded luxury consumer products – Copying the latest in technology, from cars to mobile phones (iPhones).

Some where in the article, it was mentioned that the all-important touch screen on the iPhone was actually a Chinese technology. And so I did some further investigations and came up with some more interesting facts!

What made iPhone so awesome is primarily due to its multi-touch interface. And the hardware that made that possible, among is many other components was the touch sensitive screen. Apple had contracted a German company called Balda AG, which is famous for making wireless-phone components for companies such as Nokia, to make the touch screens for the iPhone. Balda did not have the technology to make touch sensitive screens until it acquired a Chinese company called TPK Holding. It was TPK Holding which had developed the innovative glass-surfaced touch screen.

So where’s the Singapore link? Well…As of July 14, 2006, TPK Holdings Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Balda Investments Singapore Pte Ltd.

There you have it!

Back to the topic of China cloning technologies, I’m not all against them copying. All technologically developed nations like USA, Japan, South Korea copied from some where at some point in time. It’s part of the “learning” process.

In fact i think China has the capabilities to come out with inventions that would change the world. Case in point: The Chinese invented the wheel, paper and gun powder. Just imagine the world without the above 3 items.

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