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    Time Files, Things Change

    Time files, things change.. for the better

    Our trip to Hong Kong

    Our Trip to Bali

    Fun day at Sentosa

    Chicken Dance, Naked Dance, PeeePoom

    иконописПодарък икона

    CHIJ TP Sec 3 Adventure Camp: 3rd to 5th March 2005

    During our briefing, we were told that girls from CHIJ TP are notoriously famous. ( I was like okay..) Then we learnt that we’ll be taking 40 of them each. I knew I was in for a tough time.

    Day 1

    First day was the Ropes Course. I was expecting some girls to get stucked up there and scream their lungs off. But hey! I was wrong! None screamed and none got stucked! In fact they cleared the course pretty fast! Guess the credits
    have to go to Qian Qian whom fearlessly volunteered to take lead and went first, cleared it like a piece of cake. *Impressed*

    Then it was some sucky lunch… I hate the lunch, but the watermelon was nice though smile It’s also the first time I hear such creative Grace haha

    Next up was the Initiative Games (i-games). I was assigned to man some boring station called Blindfold Polygon. It was so boring that even myself can’t take it! Luckily I found some entertainment by watching my girls clearing the other stations. I must say they are pretty good at the Trolley station! hahaha

    The night came. And it was the most embarrassing night I’ve ever had. I was FORCED (yes forced at gun point) to do Chicken Dance, on top of a table, in front of 400 girls! I don’t think anyone can imagine that kind of positon I was in.. oh goosh.. Hey but, thinking back, it’s kinda cute haha

    26th Birthday Gift

    Got a nice present from my little brother..

    Love it!

    Apple WWDC10

    The annual keynote event of Apple Inc.

    Live coverage:

    Your Body is A Wonderland

    Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer – My current favourite song. Every time I hear this song, I think of one great girl.

    Ah Mah is always happy to see all of us
    My new Favourite Beer – Little Creatures Bright Pale

    My new Favourite Beer – Little Creatures Bright Pale from Australia Fruity and fragant.

    Pixels by Patrick Jean

    Patrick Jean is DIVISION’s latest signature.
    This is Patrick Jean’s new project feat. Na├»ve New Beaters “L.A. trumpets”.
    The video’s been produced at OneMoreProd and Patrick’s represented for commercial projects by DIVISION.

    Singapore Airshow 2010

    Watch in HD

    Video montage of this year’s Singapore Airshow. Not as awesome as 2008. Lesser show pieces and most importantly, no aerobatics by RSAF Black Knights.

    The Apple iPad

    Steve Jobs announced the iPad today. First impressions for me are pretty okay. Don’t really like the thick bezel, though the purpose for it is for you to rest our fingers on and not blocking the screen. Well, I have until April before it arrives in Singapore; there’s still time to research and decide.

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